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About Me

My Story

All my life I wanted to be a doctor. I thought photography was a hobby, because who can make a living off of art? When I realized science wasn’t making me happy, I decided to go out on a limb and give it a shot. (no pun intended) After my life altering decision to be an artist, I spent time in Spain, with studies in art and architecture in Andalucia. I did an independent study in photography on the Islamic influences in such cities as Cordoba, Granada, and Sevilla, and grew to love the country and the language, before ultimately graduating with a bachelors in art.

Immediately following college, I began working for a sports photography company. Little did I know, that job, and the people I worked with, would become instrumental in making me the photographer, and the person that I am today. 

My Journey To Weddings

My journey to own my own photography company has been a long one. I wanted to make sure I had the skills to provide top quality photography service to my clients, and I believe that only comes through experience. I worked for multiple sports companies, many many portrait studios, little league companies, school portrait companies, and even other wedding photographers. One day I saw how my boss was unfairly treating their clients, and I knew it was time to go out on my own… and do it BETTER. Thus, Jennifer Juniper Photography was born, and I never looked back. 

I strongly believe that my perseverance and dedication are what have gotten me to the point I am at today. I look forward to working with you, and making your special event something to remember for a lifetime.

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