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Meet Jason, A Daytona Beach wedding & Event planner. Jason began his professional career in music, as a lead clarinetist for an orchestra in Mexico. Eventually his love for music landed him a position teaching his specialized musical skills to students in Daytona Beach. His enthusiasm, dedication, and organization skills allowed him to excel in the education field. His interest in events began with his relationship with a local wedding photographer, where he soon became comfortable in the busy and often hectic world of weddings. Aiding in intricate beach setups, assisting with photography lighting, and on occasion, taking on musical entertainment for events, he grew to love the excitement and the emotion surrounding weddings. Realizing there was a void of professional, relateable, and motivated planners in the area, he decided to do it himself. A firm believer in "why have someone else do it when you can do it yourself even better", A Man with a Plan was born. Allow Jason the privelege of making your wedding dreams a reality.